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The MTB Kit with its high powered LED helmet and handlebar lights has been designed for all your off road needs. This kit is the favourite choice of mountain bikers and adventure racers all over the world. 

One set of lights is a narrow beam (helmet) and the other is an intermediate beam (handlebars). They have independently rotatable light casings so you can stagger your beam if required. The lights and batteries are lightweight and waterproof. The newly designed rechargeable SLB-01 batteries have 3 power levels (100%, 50% and 25%), flashing and fuel gauge. Minimum burn on high = 2 1/2 hrs, Minimum burn on medium = 4 hrs, Minimum burn on low = 8 hrs, Flashing = 14+hrs. The SLB-01 is our latest battery and will support all of our lighting systems from July 2017.
The kit is packed in a custom made soft zippered case. The handlebar mounting system includes 2 handlebar mounts which makes it easy to swap your lights from bike to bike. Also included is our Gecko helmet mounting system.
  • 1 x 700 lumen Narrow beamed light
  • 1 x 700 lumen Intermediate beamed light
  • 2 x SLB-01 Batteries with 3 power levels, flashing and fuel gauge
  • 2 x Battery Charging and Storage Wallets
  • Neoprene Battery Pouch and Neoprene Stem Strap to allow attachment to handlebar stem or top tube
  • Dual Channel Charger with AC wall power adaptor with Australian/NZ, UK, US and EU Clips
  • Handlebar Mounting System for two bikes
  • Gecko Helmet Mounting System
  • 2 x Red Saxon caps which slip over the light turning the brilliant white light to Red
  • 12v Car Charger Adaptor to charge from cigarette lighter type outlet
  • 1 x Extension Lead  
  • Helmet System weight is 200 grams (battery and mounts included)
  • Handlebar System weight is 240 grams (battery and mounts included)

Please note, our batteries will require the user to manage them properly. We will not warrant a failed battery if the cells have stopped working because of misuse or the user has failed to keep the battery stored as per our guidelines here : If you intend to use them once or twice a year, our batteries are not for you. They love to be used as much as possible. Please read and understand our guidelines before purchasing. 

Rechargeable battery cells will fail in a matter of weeks unless they are looked after according to our guidelines. Follow these and your battery cells will last for years and years. 

Batteries are shipped with only 40% charge. Place your batteries on the charger and fully charge before first use.

Please note: The MTB Kit can be shipped with a maximum of two extra batteries, 4 in total.

Some facts about Ay Up Lighting Systems;

In the last 11 years we have supplied our lighting systems to 65,000+ customers in 30+ countries, assembled over 100,000 lights with over 160,000 batteries. Each light assembled by the Ay Up Team. Now our new battery, the SLB-01, will also be assembled by the Ay Up Team.

Ay Up Lights ... getting better all the time! 

Purchase extra Charging and Storage Wallet here


What’s included in this kit:

  • 1 x 700 lumen High powered LED light in any of our 12 colours with intermediate optics giving a broad beam with plenty of throw
  • 1 x 700 lumen High powered LED light in any of our 12 colours with narrow optics giving a spotlight beam with huge throw
  • 2 x SLB-01 multi-mode batteries with 3 power levels, flashing and fuel gauge. The batteries are waterproof and can be charged with any Ay Up branded charger, new or old
  • ​2 x Battery Charging and Storage Wallets
  • 1 x Dual charger (charge two batteries at once) with 110-240V AC wall power adaptor and Aust/NZ, US, UK and EU clips
  • 2 x Handlebar mounts and packers, enough for two bikes
  • 2 x Extra rubber mounting bands
  • 4 x Zip ties for handlebar mounting
  • 1 x Large battery pouch and stem strap
  • 1 x Gecko helmet mounting system for both light and battery
  • 1 x Extension lead (allows battery to be placed in backpack or jersey pocket, length 1.2m)
  • 1 x 12v car charger adaptor
  • 1 x Pair of red Saxon Caps
  • 1 x Large padded zippered case
  • 1 x Charging instructions and battery safety document
  • 1 x Ay Up branded silicone wrist band
  • Helmet system weight is 200 gram
  • Handlebar system weight is 240 grams

NOTE: Head Torch Harness not included with this product. Please order separately.

Read the setup manuals [here]

Read the battery safety document before you charge [here]

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