About Us

Ay Up Lighting Systems is Australia’s Leading Supplier of LED Outdoor and Sporting Accessories.

What Is Ay Up?

Founded in Queensland by a Lancashire lad back in 2007, Ay Up is providing Australia and the rest of the world with some of the highest quality LED lighting systems on the planet. We are Australian owned, Australian designed and Australian manufactured.

Are you wondering about the name? The company is dubbed after a colloquialism meaning “Oy! Look at this!”

Trust us, try our kits for yourself and we’ll have you saying “Ay Up”, too.

Who Are Ay Up Products For?

If you’re planning on doing anything in the dark, think Ay Up.

Our customers rank from casual users to elite sportspeople and fit every group from bikers, runners, snow sports fanatics, trekkers explorers and journeymen, to fishing enthusiasts and emergency services.

And we have customers all over the world. Most of our customers are based in Australia, but we are also shining bright all over the globe.

Leading Technology

At Ay Up we have always strived to provide the highest quality products on the market. That means we are always at the cutting-edge of illumination tech. Our products are ever-evolving and improving.

With a lifetime of engineering design, manufacture and systems experience to call upon, Ay Up is certain to stay light years ahead of the competition.

We understand the importance of customer service, and we want the quality of our after-purchase service to match the quality of our products. All lighting systems are built to last and come with long-term warranties to ensure you are able to do more of what you love.

Some facts about Ay Up Lighting Systems;

In the last 17 years we have supplied our unique lighting systems to over 100,000 customers in 30+ countries, assembled over 160,000 lights and 260,000 batteries. Our in house designed plastic injection moulded parts are manufactured here in Brisbane which allows the Ay Up Team to assemble each and every light and battery. Did you know our lights and batteries are also serviceable. Contact us if you wish to bring your lights and batteries back to as new condition.  

That's why Ay Up LED lights are some of the most popular lighting systems on the planet.

That’s why Ay Up LED Lights are some of the most popular systems on the planet.