Customer Loyalty Program

In 2013 we launched our customer loyalty program as a special thanks for being one of our loyal followers. With the launch of our new website in July 14 we have renamed the discount to VIP / Loyalty and now new products and replacement parts will be discounted up to 25% off the RRP. 
To be eligible you must have already purchased an Ay Up Lighting System during the last 10 years. Once you have made the initial purchase of an Ay Up Lighting System you will be offered fantastic discounts on nearly all of our products. All you need to do to gain access to these discounts is log on to our system. Once you are logged in, products associated with the customer loyalty program will display the discounted price.
Please note that our ROAD, MTB and RUN Lighting Kits are not discounted in this program and batteries are limited to a maximum Qty of 2 per customer.
Prices may change without notice. 
If you are unable to log onto our system, either call during opening hours or use our Contact Form here and we will be happy to assist you gaining access to your discounted products.
Note: There is a waiting period of 3 weeks from initial purchase of a lighting system to be eligible for our loyalty program.
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