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Dual Channel 12V DC Charger complete with 110 - 240V AC Power Adaptor

Comes with - 1 x 110 - 240V AC Adaptor and all country clips 

Ay Up battery chargers have been designed specifically for use with Ay Up Lithium Polymer Batteries.


  • Charge two batteries at once
  • Can be used to charge any Ay Up Battery
  • Requires 12V DC input power





What’s included in this kit:

  • 1 x Dual Channel Charger 
  • 1 x AC Adaptor 110V AC - 240V AC
  • 1 x Australiasian Power Clip
  • 1 x UK Power Clip
  • 1 x US Power Clip
  • 1 x EU Power Clip

Technical Specifications

  • Lithium Polymer, 2 cell 7.4V, dual channel battery charger - DLBC-16 (charge two batteries at once)
  • Operating voltage - 12V DC (charge from your vehicle)
  • Required current – 1.25 Amps
  • Protection - IC - Integrated Circuit - Short circuit, over current, under current, over voltage protection
  • Short circuit response - 15ms
  • Auto reset - Yes
  • Polarity protected - Yes
  • Charge indicator - Yes, Green / Red Light
  • Trickle charge - No
  • Auto off - Yes
  • Connector type - 2.1mm Barrel Type
  • IP Rating - IP 45, Not waterproof
  • Normal operating temp - Ambient Temp
  • Designed and built solely for - Ay Up Lighting Systems
  • Design / Manufacture and assembly origin - Australia / PRC
  • Approvals - ultra low voltage - Regulation not required
  • Warranty - 12 month replacement against manufactures defect parts and / or assembly
  • Weight - 60 grams

The chargers have inbuilt circuitry to control, charging of the cells, short circuit, over loading and low voltage cut off. When a short circuit occurs (usually when a wire is broken or the battery becomes damaged) the output power from the battery is cut internally. To check for problems, simply plug the battery back into the charger to test and if OK it will reset the internal circuitry.  Discard a damaged battery properly but notify us of any problems.

NOTE: It is normal for the charger and AC adaptor to warm slightly whilst charging. If it becomes excessively hot to touch, disconnect the power immediately and notify us by email for advice. The battery should never become warm whilst discharging or charging. Again disconnect and notify us by email if you experience this.

Read the setup manual [here]

Read the battery safety document before you charge [here]

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