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We no longer support the older Epic and Half Epic batteries. From 2014, the B2000 battery will support all of our lighting systems. This battery is compatible with all Ay Up Lights and Chargers.

Mounting of your batteries could not be easier with our mount anywhere neoprene battery pouches which further protect and carry your light power. See related products for more details.  


  • 3 Light power levels - High, medium and low
  • Flashing mode for commuting or to alert others
  • Fuel gauge, allows you to check how much charge your battery has left
  • Fixed battery cable, approx. 300mm long with a moulded DC socket
  • Can be charged with any of our new or old chargers

Note: The B2000 will fit inside our large pouch kit but not our small pouch kit. Order this kit seperately.

Batteries are shipped with only 40% charge. Place your batteries on the charger and fully charge before first use.

Please note: Maximum order Quantity = 2 Batteries per customer. This is a mandatory requirement for shipping loose Lithium Batteries. To avoid disappointment and delays in refunds please do not order more than 2 loose batteries. Orders will not be processed if there are more than 2 loose batteries inside a shipment.


Technical Specifications

The capacity of the battery is 2000mAh and its chemistry is Li Polymer with no memory. The batteries are fully sealed, waterproof, rechargeable, have integrated protection circuit, short circuit, over voltage protection, low voltage cut out and other smarts, each packed inside a tough sealed plastic casing for protection.

Minimum burn on high = 2 1/2 hrs, Minimum burn on medium = 4 hrs, Minimum burn on low = 8 hrs, Flashing = 14+hrs

  • B2000 - Capacity 2000mAh (14.8Wh)
  • 3 Light power levels, high, medium and low 
  • Flashing mode
  • Fuel gauge
  • Type - Rechargeable 2 cell Lithium Polymer - Output 7.4V
  • Frame size - 75 x 50 x 24mm
  • Protection - IC - Integrated Circuit - Short circuit, over current, under current, over voltage protection
  • Short circuit response - 15ms
  • Auto reset - No, plug into charger to test and reset
  • Auto battery shutdown - 5V
  • Casing material - ABS, ultrasonically sealed
  • IP Rating - IP 67, Immersion - 0.5 metre
  • Cable type - Shielded 2 core, 22AWG
  • Connector type - Moulded sealed 2.1mm barrel type
  • Impact test - 5 metres to concrete floor
  • Charge at any state - No memory
  • Charge time from empty - Approx 4.5 hours
  • Normal operating temp - Ambient temp
  • Designed and built solely for - Ay Up Lighting Systems
  • Design / manufacture and assembly origin - Australia / PRC
  • Approvals - ultra low voltage - regulation not required
  • Warranty - 1 year replacement against manufacturers defect parts and / or assembly
  • Weight: 130 grams 


Batteries are shipped with approx 40% charge. Please fully charge before first use.

  • Push once to turn on
  • Push once to cycle through modes - High, medium and low
  • Push and hold for 1 second then release to turn off
  • To enter flashing mode with the battery off, push and hold until flashing
  • To exit flashing mode and to turn off, press once
  • To enter fuel gauge with light on, push and keep button pressed in
  • The light will flash - Once = Requires charging, Twice = OK, Three times = Fully charged
  • To exit from fuel gauge simply release the button and the light will return to the same power mode

Read the setup manua[here]

Read the battery safety document before you charge [here]

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